You Need To Know Why Recycling Is Bad


Why Recycling Is Bad: The Start

why recycling is bad
The New York Times had this to say about recycling “Recycling may be the most wasteful activity in modern America. Waste of time and money. A waste of human and natural resources.” Recycling started mostly because of a barge called Mobro 4000. There was this guy who got an idea to make some money by taking some of New York’s trash on his barge and dispose of it in a place that it was cheaper to get rid of it. He tried North Carolina but they didn’t want it. So, he spent the next 6 weeks going up and down the east coast looking for a place to dump the trash. Thanks to the media it became an icon for everything that is wrong with the environment. People thought the trash would bury us alive. That is when the recycling Program was born.

Why Recycling Is Bad: Reasons For Recycling

More people recycle in America today than people that vote. So, if recycling is so bad. Why do most of us continue doing it? The main truth is that we are given bad information. As always we believe most of what we hear and hardly ever see anything. When we all know that we should be believing none of what we hear and only half of what we see. At any rate, here is a list of reasons most people SAY they recycle when they don’t know why recycling is bad.

  • Feels Good
  • Saves Energy
  • Saves Money
  • Creates Good Jobs
  • Saves Trees
  • Improves Environment
  • Saves Landfill Space

Well let us go through this list real quick.

Why Recycling Is Bad: It Feels Good

Now I am not saying that because it feels good to recycle it is bad. I am saying that it should not be your only reason for doing anything. David Wood an executive director of the Grassroots Recycling Network says, “If recycling makes you feel good, then it must be good for the economy and the environment”. Excuse me for a moment while I say a bad word that has a cattle reference. NO! Just because killing makes a serial killer feel good, doesn’t make it good for anything else than that psycho’s feelings.

Recycling Is Bad: Saves Energy, Saves Money And Creates Jobs

Just so you know why recycling is bad for yourself. If you actually took some time on your own and think about it, you will feel mad at yourself, much as I did, for not seeing how this makes no sense. Normal trash gets hauled off and taken to a landfill. We will cover landfills more later. That’s it! Hailed to a landfill. End of story. Because recycling even exists there is an additional vehicle that has to come pick up your bins. Take it all to a recycling facility that uses time, energy and money to run. Employees that could be doing something better to HELP the environment now must sort through a cities worth of recyclables. The center then starts to process it all which takes more time, energy and money. Of course it doesn’t save energy. Of course it doesn’t save money. As far as jobs go. If you can create a BS job to make the environment worse and spend taxpayers dollars you can create a job that can actually fix a problem.

Why Recycling Is Bad: Saves Trees and Improves Environment

Most trees used to make paper are grown on tree farms. Farms that are reused over and over again. So, recycling does not save trees. In fact, we had more trees than we had in 1920 BEFORE recycling even started. Now we have over 3 times as many trees than we did in 1920. Trees are a renewable resource. Recycling paper causes a toxic pollutant that adds to the already polluted air. So that a negative on saving trees and helping the environment.

Why Recycling Is Bad: Saves Landfill Space

Yes it would save landfill space. You got me there. Wait, why would we want to do that? Early 2000 it was said that Americans produce 220million tons of garbage a year. Sounds bad doesn’t it. It would only take a landfill 35 miles by 35 miles and 200 feet deep to hold that trash for the next 1000 years. on the map of the USA if you were to make a spot that size you would need a good size map to even see it. The gases that landfills produce are captured and used to CREATE energy. The location of landfills are strategically placed to be away from water. and once one is full it is covered with dirt and can be used for a park or golf course.

Why Recycling Is Bad: Well, Have You Burned Your Colored Bins Yet?why recycling is bad

I know it is hard to believe that the US government could have lied to you for so long. Well, maybe not. These are the facts. Recycling is worse in every way. So if you continue to recycle, the only leg you have to stand on is, it makes you feel good. Well, just thought some of you would like to know why recycling is bad.

About Puppy Care


General Puppy Care



When you bring home a puppy, you are promising to provide a lifetime of love and care in exchange for undying loyalty and companionship. This may sound a bit extreme, but the care you give your new puppy will set the stage for your future relationship. Below are several tips for Puppy Care. Puppies are naturally curious, and need to be kept safe. They also grow very quickly, so it’s important to feed them nutritious food. Like children, puppies learn through play and require lots of attention.

Here are some basic tips for general puppy care. Specific breeds may require additional care, such as grooming and training. A puppy is a very curious creature and likes to explore its environment; however, it may not know what is safe and what is dangerous. It is your job to keep your puppy safe and healthy. Before bring your new puppy home, you should be sure there are no cords lying around that your puppy may chew or pull on. While exploring, puppies may get stuck behind furniture so be sure you are available to “rescue” if this should happen. Small puppies may also have difficulty with stairs; whenever possible, block off stairways to prevent falls.

A puppy will grow quickly, this is especially noticeable in large breeds. It is important to feed your puppy nutritious food to facilitate her growth. There are a number of brands on the market that are made to meet the special nutritional needs of puppies. Look at the side of the bag to determine when and how much food you should give your puppy. You may want to put your puppy on a feeding schedule. Experts suggest this routine may eliminate obesity problems later in life and will help with house training.

Before bringing your puppy home, it is important to be honest with yourself regarding how much time you have to spend with a dog. Different breeds require varying amounts of exercise and play, but understand that no dog will tolerate being cooped up all day, every day. Playing with your puppy facilitates bonding. You should match your lifestyle and interests with characteristics of a breed. For example, if you imagine yourself playing Frisbee in the park with your pooch, consider a retrieving breed such as Golden Retrievers or Labs.

These tips offer basic advice for the basics when it comes to caring for a new puppy. The average lifespan for most dogs is twelve years or longer, so remember that you are making a commitment for many years. It is advised that you puppy proof your home to keep your puppy safe. There are many brands of foods available that are designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of your puppy. A Puppy needs a lot of attention and you should consider the energy level of your prospective breed before bringing him home.

Feeding Your Puppy



A Newborn puppy receives complete nutrition from their mother’s milk for the first four weeks of life. Mom’s milk is 100 percent perfect for their needs, so there is no need to feed them anything else.
Substitutions are allowed in the event that the mother dog is ill or doesn’t produce enough milk or if the pups are found as orphans—it may be necessary to feed a commercial milk replacement. If you find yourself in this situation, contact your veterinarian for product and feeding recommendations.
puppies also love puppy treats!

Puppy Sleep Schedule

Puppies don’t sleep well at night especially if they are new to your house. One of the best ways to make sure you get a good nights rest as well as your puppy is to try to keep your puppy awake during the times your awake. The first few weeks you will most likely need to wake up to let your little puppy out to use the potty.

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I hate my job

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Be patient

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